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DIY Veil Done!

The beading was such a pain. It looks a little rough if you look at it closely, but I’m happy with it. :)


2 thoughts on “DIY Veil Done!”

  1. Hey you did an awesome job on your veil!! Would you consider A) selling it, or B) going into detail on how you made it? My wedding is in March and the veil prices are killing me so I’m looking for a used veil (white, single or dual tiered, maybe embellished a bit) or to make one myself… though I’m not very crafty, my mom might be able to attempt it!

    1. Thank you! I know exactly what you mean. This was my first real attempt at DIY anything so I’m really surpsrised I finished it at all.

      I’m not comfortable selling it because there is a small tear (it was easy to stitch up and thankfully just looks like a fold) but I wouldn’t sell it to anyone because of this.

      Look up your desired length online ( http://www.craftstylish.com/item/46914/diy-bridal-veil). I messed up my veil a few times so it gradually became shorter. You can either plan for this by cutting the tulle longer or start over when you make a mistake. This veil was my 2nd attempt.

      I made my own pattern by taping together newspaper to match the width of my tulle. After eyeballing the size I wanted to make the scalloped edge 1/2 circles, I measured out how far apart I wanted to place them. I went with 6 inch edges and used a 6 inch tupperware bowl to measure the 1/2 circle, with about 1/2 an inch in between the 1/2 circles (connecting them) to soften the circles to waves.

      I taped my tulle down to the table over the newspaper & used a rotary cutter (about $5 at Michael’s Arts & Crafts)to cut the pattern.

      I used 4mm white bugle beads to edge my veil, using about 4 beads per stitch. Use beading neddles and thread for this, regular tools will be too large for the delicate tulle. This was the most difficult and time consuming part of the veil. If you pull the stitches too hard you will break the tulle or cause it to bunch up.

      Once the edge was done, I used less than a package of 2mm Swarovski Crystal bicone beads in clear crystal (about $5 at Michael’s). I sewed one at every corner between the 1/2 circles on the veil.

      The last bead I used was 12 of the the 8mm Swarovski Margarita Flower bead sewn on randomly on the body of the veil.

      The website I mentioned earlier describes how to gather the tulle on thread to attach to a comb. once you gather your veil to your liking, sew it on to your comb. Make sure it is secure. Whatever tulle is hanging off over the top of the comb can be snipped off for a cleaner look. I sewed a strip of ribbon over the part of the comb where the tulle is sewn on. You can hot glue it at this point or cover it with flowers as on the website cited. Your veil should be done!

      Good luck in finding/making a veil!

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